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Photo of the Day: Crushed Gobstoppers

Robyn Lee Post a comment

The innards of one gobstopper look cool; how about the innards of tons more? Dan took this photo in Cardiff where he came across a box of wayward gobstoppers that had broken open on the road and further destroyed by the wheels of a few passing trucks. Result: rainbow-tastic candy massacre. More

The Life and Death of a Gobstopper

Adam Kuban 5 comments

From the Life and Death of a Gobstopper, in which a man takes 24 days to lick his way through a baseball-size candy ball: "Day 3: IT BLEEDS! A good hours worth of work got me this far and a rather tender tongue again. And just to inject a little education into the project, licking something until your tongue is raw, then eating anything with hot sauce on it is a recipe for a new kind of pain." More

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