'Gluten-Free Tuesday' on Serious Eats

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Boston Brown Bread

This traditional New England bread is steamed, giving you a sturdy, dense loaf. It's normally made with a combination of whole wheat flour, rye flour, and cornmeal, plus a little molasses for sweetness, brown bread has an earthy, almost bitter flavor. For this gluten-free version, use brown rice and sorghum flour instead. It tastes almost identical to the original loaf I grew up eating. More

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Chiffon Cake, and Tips for Making the Best Chiffon Cake Ever

For a cake with such whisper-soft texture, chiffon cake certainly made some noise when it entered the food scene. The recipe was created—and kept top secret for around two decades—by a salesman-turned-caterer named Harry Baker. Capitalizing on its popularity, General Mills released the recipe along with the claim that it was, "The first new cake recipe in 100 years." (Sounds like something Don Draper would write, doesn't it?) More

Gluten-Free Poutine

[Photographs: Elizabeth Barbone] The recipe makes a classic poutine, only gluten-free. To serve your poutine nice and hot, this flow works well: Prepare fries up to final frying stage. Prepare gravy. Keep warm over low heat. Be sure to whisk... More

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