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Microwave Chocolate, Do Some Math, You've Got the Speed of Light

"Or, what nerds do after Valentine's Day." [Image: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Here's a neat little kitchen science experiment from Gizmodo that'll give you an excuse to get rid of all the excess Russell Stover chocolate your thoughtful significant other bought you last-minute at the drugstore. Basically, all you do is stick the chocolate in your microwave (with the turntable removed), zap it for about 20 seconds until it starts to melt, measure the distance between the melty spots and multiply it by a constant (the frequency of the microwaves x 2, or approximately 4.9x10^9) and bingo—you've just calculated the speed of light! So how does it work?... More

Video: Giant Pancake at the Gizmodo Gallery

What do people do while waiting for an incredibly long pancake to form? Keep reminding each other "this is so cool" followed by, "this is stupid guys, this is just stupid." Make noises. Search for more plates. Crack that's-what-she-said jokes. Wish for three arms. Keep looking for plates. And when the pancake is done forming? Roll the snake of a thing up and take a jaw-stretching bite (probably worth three pancakes alone). The folks behind the Gizmodo Gallery, an interactive wonderland of spiffy contraptions in New York City recently, decided hey, let's make a stupidly long pancake. The video, after the jump.... More

Taste Test Week on 'Gizmodo'

It's "Taste Test Week" on the gadget blog Gizmodo. The lineup: Alinea partner Nick Kokonas on how he and Grant Achatz recruited the finest minds to create their tricky cuisine; Wylie Dufresne on his most intense and dangerous gear; Alton on home hacks that save time and money; cooking with magnets; the mysteries of self-heated food; the different ways to make coffee; and more.... More

Sandwich Phone

Juno might have popularized the burger phone, but maybe you're more of a sandwich lover. In that case, there's the wieldy sandwich phone. The purpleness adds a homey PB&J feel, no? [via Gizmodo]... More

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