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11 Sweet Treats from Decadence at L.A. Food & Wine

Decadent is a word that gets thrown around a lot when talking about food—particularly eats of the rich, sweet, chocolaty, creamy variety. But as overused as the term might be, it was a pretty fitting title for Decadence, the dessert-themed after party held Saturday night as part of Los Angles Food & Wine. The real stars were the sweets, which ranged from sarsaparilla chocolate "joints" to Fruity Pebbles funnel cake to L.A.'s favorite budino. More

Video: Gina DePalma Makes Caciotta Fritters on 'The Dairy Show'

Our own Seriously Italian correspondent and Babbo executive pastry chef Gina DePalma appeared on The Dairy Show, a web show devoted to responsibly-made milk products. She whips up some savory fritters (or fritelli in Italian) using the Tuscan-style rustic farmhouse cheese caciotta from Dancing Ewe Farm. The little fried dough balls then get garnished with farm honey and fresh thyme from Gina's mom's garden. Watch the fritter-making after the jump.... More

The Real Emotions Behind the 2009 James Beard Foundation Awards

This year I watched the entire James Beard Foundation Awards ceremony from the ridiculously crowded and cramped press room, located in the bowels of Lincoln Center's Avery Fisher Hall in Manhattan. We all watched the video monitors as the awards unfolded, and when our personal favorites won, started yelling at the screen, the way longtime offtrack betting habitues yell when a race is on. More

5 Tricks to Baking Perfect Sugar Cookies

1. Measure Carefully Any sugar cookie recipe is a delicate proportional balance of fat, sugar and flour, so be sure to measure your ingredients carefully in order to get the desired finished texture (crisp, chewy, delicate, melting, etc). 2. Mind Your Butter! A key step in making sugar cookies is the creaming of butter and sugar. If the butter is too soft, your cookies will be greasy, and if it is too cold, they'll seem like lead weights. It is important to start with evenly softened butter, and the only way to do this properly is to take it out of the refrigerator and, uh, wait. Always soften butter in a temperate environment until it yields gently to pressure;... More

Sunday Brunch: Sweet Apple Omelet

This unusual sweet apple omelet recipe I've adapted from Babbo pastry chef and Serious Eats pal and contributor Gina DePalma's fantastic book Dolce Italiano. I use Honeycrisp apples, everyone's current fave these days, instead of Gina's recommended Golden Delicious, Rome,... More

Serious Cookies: Cocoa Snowflakes

When Ed asked me to contribute some holiday cookie recipes for serious eaters, I instantly thought of something I haven't so much as glanced at for at least a dozen years—my mother's time worn recipe box that sits on her kitchen shelf. The irony is that the ignored recipe box exists entirely because of me; I made it for Mom as a Christmas gift when I was about 10 years old. More

Snapshots from Italy: A Day of Flavors from Abruzzo

My friends and I set out for our day in Abruzzo on a rainy, foggy, downright chilly morning in Rome. It was a straight shot out on the autostrada, and within 40 minutes we had hit the Abruzzese border, bidding Lazio farewell in order to immerse ourselves in the foods, sights, and countryside of a region that is blissfully off the well-beaten tourist track. In no time we reached Sulmona, a pretty little city known as the birthplace of the Roman poet Ovid and the home of the candies known as confetti. The rain had stopped and bits of sky were starting to peek out of the low-hanging clouds. I was told that the entire city would be filled... More

Snapshots from Italy: Roman Easter Soup

Eggs are essential ingredients in Italian Easter celebrations, playing a role that extends beyond the huge, elaborately decorated chocolate eggs that decorate every shop window in the weeks before the holiday. Romans are likely to enjoy a light first course of Brodetto Pasquale at their Easter table, the local version of a soup that features eggs as well as lamb, another iconic Easter food. More

Snapshots from Italy: Torrone Therapy

Last week, I polished off what was left of the Christmas torrone that was left in the candy dish on my desk. I was parsing it out slowly, weekly, hoping to stretch out the nutty-sweet pleasure until Easter candy would arrive. Alas, the last few pieces went down my throat during a painful round of convulsive sobbing over the exchange rate. Since that situation shows no sign of easing any time soon, it was time to head out for some reinforcements today. Torrone is made all over Italy, and nearly every region puts its own particular slant on it, embellishing the nougat candy with local ingredients and flavors. Some versions are firm and chewy, others soft and creamy, studded... More

Snapshots from Italy: Multi-Culti Rome

One of the things that I love about life in New York City is the crazy convergence of diverse cultures taking place in nearly every neighborhood. However, Rome doesn't have the same level of multi-culti vibe going on in its modern food scene, and finding truly exciting, authentic, well-prepared ethnic food can be a challenge. More

Roman Perfection to Go

Editor's note: We're excited to introduce the following author to you today—though you may already be familiar with her work. Gina DePalma is the pastry chef at Mario Batali restaurant Babbo and the author of Dolce Italiano. She's now in Rome, doing research for a new cookbook, and will be posting weekly here on Serious Eats as her journey there unfolds. Outside of Forno Marco Roscioli. I engage in a specific eating ritual immediately upon my arrival in Rome; it is a personal affirmation to my heart and stomach that I am really, truly here. Other Roma regulars may want to run to the nearest bar for a perfectly pulled espresso, sit down to a steaming plate of spaghetti alla... More

Sunday Brunch: Pumpkin Fritters

For this week's Sunday brunch recipe I want to allay any fears about my pumpkin pie position. Just because I don't love pumpkin pie doesn't mean that I don't appreciate other pumpkin dishes. These pumpkin fritters from Gina DePalma (it's... More

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