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Hot Dog of the Week: Grilling the Catalana and Shabeergan Brats from Gilbert's Sausages

Two weeks ago I tried out the delicious all-beef Froman hot dogs from Gilbert's Craft Sausages in Wisconsin, and with Memorial Day right around the corner I thought I'd give some of their other sausages a try on the grill. Gilbert's is a new company that strikes a great balance between modern and traditional with some really delicious high-quality, all-natural uncured dogs and sausages. More

Hot Dog Of The Week: The Froman from Gilbert's Craft Sausages

We're back in the hot dog test kitchen this week with a unique dog from Gilbert's Craft Sausages, a new hot dog and sausage company out of Wisconsin. Their products are made with high quality cuts of meat (think sirloin) and no artificial ingredients, preserving the dogs with natural cherry powder and celery juice rather than the standard nitrates. The natural casings are made with beef collagen. The Froman is an all-beef frank named after Abe Froman, the fictional Sausage King Of Chicago from Ferris Beuller's Day Off. Flavored with coriander, mustard, cloves and paprika, it's similar in flavor to a Chicago Vienna Beef frank or a New York "kosher-style" dog. More

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