'Gift Guides 2009' on Serious Eats

Serious Green: Tips and Tricks for Greening Your Gifts

Note: Our gift-guide marathon continues. Still looking for that special something? Try our full complement of lists. —Ed. [Flickr: Or Hiltch] As you start brainstorming how to check off each person on your holiday list, here are some tips, tricks, and ideas on how to make those presents just a little greener. 1. Give Homemade or Teach a Skill [Flickr: ndrwfgg] You can't get much more local than your own kitchen. Try using local jam in your thumbprint cookies this year or organic flour in your cakes for an extra sustainable kick. Think about what you know and give lessons. Got some oven chops? Give an aspiring baker the gift of your time and know-how by baking your famous cardamom... More

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