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Gift Guide: Books For The Kitchen Nerd

These are books for the kitchen nerd in all of us. The ones who want to know the hows and whys of cooking. The ones who lie restlessly at night, unconsciously kicking their bed mate and thinking, why was my roast chicken dry? What's wrong with beating my batter? And for the love of god and cupcakes, why couldn't I just add all the eggs at once?!? More

Gift Guide: For the Pizza-Maker

Some of these are stocking-stuffers, some are pretty pricey, but most are somewhere in between. What they all have in common is that I have turned to these products again and again in my own pizza-making life. I hope your pizza obsessive—novice or veteran—appreciates them as much as I do. More

Gift Guide: Kitchen Gear Over $50

Any great cook can tell you that all you need to make great food is a fire and a cooking surface. Any surface will do. But let's face it, there are some things that just make cooking more fun. Easier, prettier, more foolproof. Your giftee doesn't need a $300 Dutch oven, but if they've been extra good this year, you might consider spoiling them. Every item on this list is something I use in my own kitchen at least once a week, if not every single day, and most I've had for years and plan on using for the rest of my life. More

Gift Guide: For the Aspiring Pastry Chef

When pulling together this list of great gifts for aspiring pastry chefs, I felt like a kid in a candy store. We pastry folks love our toys, so if you've got someone like that on your list, rest assured that you'll have lots to choose from. Click through the slideshow to find gifts ranging from stocking stuffer everyday items, to fancy, specialty molds, luxury ingredients, and some seriously awesome upgrades for the sweet folks on your list. More

Gift Guide: For the Home Pizza-Maker

Whether the pizza freaks in your life are old pros in the kitchen or budding amateurs, there's sure to be something on this list they'll like. From typographic "pizza" plates to dough-rising buckets to an awesomely wacky whisk for mixing dough, these gifts will show your pizza-maker that you did your homework. More

Pizza-Scented Candles

If you're a pizza-loving dude who enjoys the flickering glow of candlelight but think the current scents on the market are a bit too dainty, 13-year-old Hart Main has created Mancans, a line of candles whose aromas are meant to evoke MANLY things. Among them, a pizza-scented candle ($8). More

Coffee Chronicles: Coffee Nerd Shopping Guide

Whether it's out of the sheer pleasure of giving or the dire need to improve the coffee situation at your parents' house over the holidays, the time is upon us to seek out some of the best most giftable coffee toys. And whether your price point is a bag of beans or a $200 grinder, coffee gifts are the best gifts—many of them far less annoying to fit in your checked bag than a pizza stone. More

Gift Guide: For the Burger Lover

Whether the burger lover in your life is into just eating burgers, making burgers, or wearing burgers, you should be able to find something worth getting in our burger lovers gift guide featuring slider-making tools, meat grinders, T-shirts, kitchen timers, 3D puzzles, and more. If you can't find the right burger-themed gift in this guide, check out our guides from 2007 and 2009. More

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