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First Look: The Rye Bar, Washington DC

The Rye Bar has roughly a dozen ryes behind the 26-seat bar at any given time. Classic rye cocktails on the list get subtle twists: the Old(er) Fashioned uses an aged sherry instead of sugar, and the Manhattan, made with Dad's Hat Pennsylvania rye, Dolin sweet vermouth, Byrrh Quinquina, and housemade orange bitters, is aged in a 15 gallon barrel for six weeks to impart a subtle oaky funkiness that's proven to be extremely popular (Beverage director Will Rentschler went through his first batch of 250 Manhattans in a week). More

Washington, DC: A Solid Classic in Thunder Burger's Gothic Rock Dungeon

Thunder Burger bills itself as an "edgy, rock & roll dining experience" and in some respects, that's exactly what it does. From neon pink highlights to a gothic rock dungeon aesthetic (think metal-studded leather and mythical creatures) and an assortment of non-standard burgers (like elk and bison), Thunder Burger puts in a lot of effort to deliver on edge. But none of that really matters if the eponymous burger isn't any good. Thankfully, Thunder Burger delivers a solid burger that's not all flash. More

So This Exists: The BBQ Pulled Pork Cupcake at Bourbon Steak in Washington, DC

You'd be forgiven if your first thought when hearing mention of Georgetown's Bourbon Steak is... well... steak. But that's not what we're here to talk about today. It's about a bar snack at Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak in the Georgetown Four Seasons: the BBQ Pulled Pork Cupcake. A long time fan of Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuit (who isn't?), Executive Chef Adam Sobel created his own version with cheddar and scallion, despite the original recipe being a closely guarded secret, shaped it into a cupcake, and stuffed it with smoked pork shoulder. More

A Sandwich a Day: 4 Meat Grinder from Stachowski Market & Deli in Georgetown

The much anticipated Stachowski Market & Deli opened last month in the old Griffin Market space in Georgetown. The Stachowskis have been offering their expert charcuterie at local farmers' markets, but now you can pick them up at their new brick-and-mortar location. The 4 MEAT Grinder is gigantic (the word meat is capitalized, after all). Filled with locally sourced salami, coppa, mortadella, and sopressata, it's an imposing sandwich. More

'Washington Post' Staffers Ate 31 Pounds of Cupcakes

Photograph from georgetowncupcake.com After eight weeks, a team of four brave Washington Post souls completed a little thing called Cupcake Wars, where week-by-week they sampled any cupcake they could get their paws on inside the Beltway. The winner: the chocolate ganache cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake, a spot that's only nine months old but already sells cupcakes to cultish proportions (4,000 on Saturdays). Editor Joe Yonan—who I saw recently and miraculously looked exactly the same size—came up with a Ten Commandments of Cupcakes. Notable laws include: 1. Learn to walk before you run. Perfect the classic vanilla and chocolate cakes with complementary frostings before you step up to other simple combinations, and long before you try something like Summer Peach Meringue... More

Best Georgetown Foods for a Mourning Fan

Photograph from rpongsaj on Flickr This was scheduled to be a victory post. A list of spirited, ra-ra foods to be inhaled this weekend when Georgetown was crushing Kansas in the Elite 8. Not! Instead, a nostalgic tribute to all 7-2 of Roy Hibbert, Coach John Thompson's pinchable cheeks and us recently learning where the heck Davidson is. With a tear, and napkin ready, we say goodbye to the Hoya season with these campus favorites.... More

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