'George Foreman' on Serious Eats

Taking George Foreman's Deep-Frying Machine for a Spin

The food blog Umami Mart takes George Foreman's Lean Mean Fat-Spinning Deep-Frying Machine for a test drive and comes away with a perplexingly mixed review. After cooking three different fried foods—mandoo, french fries, and mozzarella sticks—the author says two of the three were "too dry" and "too baked" tasting and describes the thing as ugly and "overly complicated, huge and heavy." Still, she recommends the thing. Wha? The Foreman fryer's supposed advantage over others is that it uses centrifugal force to spin out or "knock out" the fat after frying. It claims to remove up to 55 percent of the fat absorbed during frying. Which just means that people will buy it and feel justified in eating 55 percent more... More

George Foreman's New Lean Mean Fryer

George Foreman, the boxing champ and patron saint for college students eating grease-less chicken breasts everywhere, has reached a whole new level. His new Lean Mean Fryer ($149.99) undergoes a "spin cycle," like a washing machine, to get rid of fried fattiness. The Smart Spin™ technology claims to knock out "up to 55 percent" of grease, but still deliver on crispiness. This spinny fryer makes me wonder: what if you take fried foods on the swing ride at the fair? Will it have the same effect?... More

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