'Geno's Steaks' on Serious Eats

Martha Tries Philly Cheesesteak for First Time, Prefers Geno's to Pat's

In this video from Philly.com, Stewart admits she's never had a cheesesteak. Sure she's had a cheesesteak, just not in Philly. Come on, Martha! Philadelphia is, like, 90 minutes away (on a good traffic day)! Given a Pat's and a Geno's cheesesteak to try, she calls Pat's bland and says Geno's is better, though she doesn't seem that enthused about cheesesteaks in general. Related: Pat's vs. Geno's on Colbert Report... More

Cheesesteaks wit' a Side of Immigration Politics

The eternal Pat's vs. Geno's question entered the Pennsylvania political dialogue on Tuesday, and Geno's owner Joey Vento is still cranky. Obama chose archrival Pat's across the street instead, and Hillary got hers in the 'burbs (with Italian greens). "If they don't have the guts to come here and talk about the immigration problem, they're not capable of running our country," Vento said. Tomorrow, Vento will put down the Whiz for a sold-out debate on immigration at the Philadelphia Inquirer building.... More

The Real Issue in Pennsylvania: Pat's vs. Geno's

Forget Hillary and Barack. (That news is so five hours ago anyway.) The real "bitter" rivalry in Pennsylvania is between Pat's and Geno's in South Philly. The Colbert Report investigates the feud and determines that the across-the-street contest is only hurting cheesesteakdom as a whole.... More

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