'General Mills' on Serious Eats

Introducing Wheaties Fuel, Super-Manly Breakfast Cereal

Regular Wheaties: Clearly lacking testosterone. If your breakfasts haven't felt very manly recently, good news. Today, General Mills is announcing Wheaties Fuel, the newest incarnation of the Breakfast of Champions—and, the New York Times notes, the first cereal marketed directly to men. The cereal was developed with help from the likes of Peyton Manning, Bryan Clay, and Kevin Garnett (or, at least, with the help of their pictures on the website). Wheaties has developed three prototypes, all substantially sweeter than the original; samples of these will be distributed to an (all-male) testing group, who will vote on their favorite. The final formula will hit shelves on September 9, 2009. Luna Bars, look out.... More

FrankenBerry, Count Chocula & Boo Berry: Made For Your Cubicle

Love your old school breakfast cereals? Mediacom of Japan and New York's own Toy Tokyo have joined forces to bring you three new toy figures based on your favorite General Mills characters: FrankenBerry, Count Chocula and Boo Berry. $45 for a set of three at Rotofugi, or you can buy just the one you like for $15; shipping not included.... More

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