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Lapp, aka 'Pizzaexpert,' aka 'Worst Pizza' Appears on the Gary Vaynerchuk Show

Lapp, who you might know here on Slice as pizzaexpert (aka the Worst Pizza Guy), appeared on Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV today. Vaynerchuk gives him some good-natured shit because Lapp doesn't drink (the first guest to come on and not drink with him) and because Lapp likes the Miami Dolphins (Vaynerchuk is a HUGE Jets fan.) Vaynerchuk tastes three wines he thinks might go well with pizza: 2008 Shaya Rueda: A white. He likes. Reminds him of Capri Sun. 2007 Il Maniaco Montepulciano D'abruzzo: A red. Whoa. He HATES this one. Makes me wonder why he sells it... More

Weekend Book Giveaway: '101 Wines' by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk describes himself as "the wine guy for the average Joe," and if you've ever logged on to his Wine Library TV site to watch his hugely popular wine video series, you couldn't disagree with that. His enthusiasm, energy, and unique way of describing vino are infectious—180 degrees away from what you normally think of when you think "serious wine discussion." His book, 101 Wines, which came earlier this year, is true to the personality that has turned his fans into "Vaniacs." In describing Lachini Vineyards' Estate Pinot Noir 2005 (Willamette Valley, Oregon), for instance, he references "poop" when talking about its nose. I do mean it in the best possible way. The nose of this wine is somewhat... More

Hot or Not: Amateur Gourmet vs. Gary Vaynerchuk

Battle of the Hot Male Web Hosts on TVWeek.com pits male web-video stars in eight different categories against one another. Our friend Adam "The Amateur Gourmet" Roberts is up against wine-vlogging maniac Gary Vaynerchuk. To refresh you on how the rules work, we currently have 16 contestants divided into eight pairings of head-to-head battles in this first round. By Friday, the eight winners will move on to the second round. We will add one more contestant in the wild-card slot to make nine in the final round. I'm not going to spoil the results, but AmGour sure could use your help.... More

Wine TV

Gary Vaynerchuk in Episode #285 of Wine Library TV. Two nights ago, a top television exec dined at Babbo and I was his sommelier. As I masterfully executed a long-pour across the table, I hinted at my desire to host my own prime-time wine television show. He said, “I think you’re right. I was speaking with the president of the Food Network over lunch yesterday, trying to convince him that this was a good idea. America is ready for it."... More

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