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Game Day Recipe Roundup: Chili

If you're having a bunch of people over to watch the game, nothing's easier and more satisfying than a big pot of chili. Whether you're going with ground beef, turkey, or a vegetarian version with just beans, we have all the recipes here. Some of them call for a drizzle of beer, others are enhanced by ground coffee beans, a splash of bourbon, and even anchovy filets. What are your special chili ingredients? More

Game Day Recipe Roundup: Guacamole

Ah, guacamole. The piece de résistance of the dips while you're glued to the game. One of my favorite press releases to receive all year is the one from the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) telling us how many pounds of 'cados we'll be consuming during Super Bowl festivities. This year: an estimated 69.6 million pounds. Here are some traditional and more experimental guacamole recipes. Adding bacon: blasphemy? More

Game Day Recipe Roundup: Wings

Whichever team you're rooting for (or against) in the NFC and AFC championship games this weekend, we can all agree to be on Team Wing, right? This week we'll be rounding-up our favorite game day snacks leading up to the big Super Bowl. First up, wings! More

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