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Serious Grape: Gamay Wines Under $20

In an era of the McMansion, the Hummer, and HD widescreen TV, it's important to be reminded that bigger isn't always better. Few grapes illustrate this maxim more convincingly than Gamay, whose various regional incarnations share a few essential traits: thirst-quenching freshness, vigorous acidity, fruit that leans toward the cherry side of the spectrum, and an addictive "gulpability" that makes them among the world's most versatile wines at table. More

Serious Grape: Feeling Bullish About Beaujolais

On Fridays, Deb Harkness of Good Wine Under $20 drops by with Serious Grape. This week, why you should buy Beaujolais. Photograph from jetalone on Flickr There's nothing like fall—and a falling stock market—to make me feel bullish about Beaujolais. I'm not talking about the "nouveau" stuff—although I have to confess that I drink that too. But that is released later in fall, just before Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, the air is getting crisper, we've still got our grills out on the decks and balconies, and most of us are seriously worried about the economy. It's during transition times, and difficult times, that I always turn to Beaujolais. At times like this, highly affordable wines from Burgundy's Beaujolais region are at their... More

Serious Grape: A Wine Survival Guide for Fall

Every other week, Deb Harkness of Good Wine Under $20 joins us to talk some Serious Grape. Here's the latest. Photograph from Zed.Cat on Flickr Is it just me or is everyone suffering from the early fall crazies? The Labor Day holiday is looming ahead of us. Kids need back-to-school supplies and rides to and from soccer, ballet, and piano lessons (circle as appropriate). Then there's your boss, who returned from vacation full of new plans for office efficiency and greater productivity. It's enough to make the lazy days of summer seem all but a distant memory. Here's my wine survival tip for late summer and early fall: buy a mixed case of wine now, because things will only get... More

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