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Gail Simmons' Guide to NYC Sweets

Gail Simmons clearly knows a thing or two about choosing great desserts. She hosts the popular TV show Top Chef: Just Desserts, has worked for chef Daniel Boulud, and is on staff at Food & Wine magazine. So where does Gail go when she's sampling sweets on her own time? To an awesome assortment of New York City bakeries, pie shops, and gelaterias, to start. More

Gail Simmons's Welsh Rarebit with Guinness and a Fried Egg

In Talking with My Mouth Full, Gail Simmons claims that this is the "perfect dish to accompany a marriage proposal," which, of course, accurately lines up with her own story (which comes in chapter 13, if you want to know). Though my own experiences with the dish don't exactly line up, I do have fond memories of Welsh Rarebit—a warming meal of toasted bread with a cheese sauce spiked with Worcestershire sauce. More

Gail Simmons to Host New 'Top Chef: Just Desserts' Series

If you follow@tom_coliccho on Twitter (or @seriouseats for that matter), you would have seen this news last night, but Bravo just made it official with a press release: Gail Simmons will host the latest Top Chef spin-off, Top Chef: Just Desserts. As if the title's not obvo, the series "will consist of pastry chefs competing against one another in a series of challenges." Always good to see more of Gail. No word yet on premiere date, day, or time.... More

Meet & Eat: Gail Simmons

"There is nothing I truly won't eat, but a few foods I prefer not to eat if given the choice. Veal is one of them. I will not refuse to eat it if someone cooks it for me but will never choose to buy or order it. It just does not appeal at all. And black beans. I have a strange aversion to them. A black bean soup made me sick once when I was younger. Oh, and I despise root beer. It makes my skin crawl." More

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