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Reactions to the 'GQ' Top 25 Pizza List

In lieu of a Leftovers roundup today, I'm just going to give you an overview of what people in various cities are saying about Alan Richman's Top 25 pizza list. Alan Richman with his controversial list. Chicago Pizza Club: "... Like so many critics from outside of Chicago, Richman entirely dismisses deep dish and stuffed pizza." Chicago Tribune: Great Lake, "a notoriously slow pizzeria in Andersonville will become even slower." Detroit Free Press: "Detroit is the third-best pizza city in America... To make the accolade sweeter, Chicago came in fourth." Eater LA: Why L.A.'s Mozza didn't make the cut. Houston... More

Alan Richman Names Top 25 Pizzas in the U.S.

Chicago Upstart Great Lake Has Country's Best Pizza Alan Richman (left) and Lucali proprietor-pizzaiolo Mark Iacono (right) hold a copy of the June 2009 issue of "GQ" in front of Iacono's Lucali (the No. 2 pizza in the U.S.) at press event celebrating the story's May 19 publication. The issue contains Richman's "American Pie," a list of the top 25 pizzerias in the country. In the June issue of GQ, food writer extraordinaire Alan Richman ranks the top 25 pizzas in the U.S. after visiting what he considers the top 10 pizza cities in the country. The story is much... More

GQ's Alan Richman Visits Co. and Motorino

The Margherita at Co. GQ's Alan Richman offers an entertaining take on two recently opened pizzerias, Co. and Motorino. (He says Mayor Bloomberg should stimulate the city's economy by opening more pizzerias.) On Co., Richman says: The pizza at Co. is produced by Jim Lahey of the revered Sullivan St Bakery and answers this question: If pizza is essentially crust, and if crust is essentially bread, and if Lahey is possibly the finest bread-maker in New York, shouldn’t the pizza at Co. be superb? This is not a trick question. The pizza is, for the most part, exactly that.... More

Men's Magazines Get Serious About Food

The Kitchn recently praised men's magazines for getting more serious about food, from articles by Mark Bittman in Men's Health to Esquire's recipe for spaghetti and lobster. But, as The Kitchn points out, "these are still men's magazines," which means they have their own special angle on food writing. Sometimes that makes their articles all the more entertaining—after proclaiming David Chang the most important chef of 2007, GQ quotes him as saying, "My partner gets to kick me in the balls if he catches me wearing those reflective silvered sunglasses that asshole Europeans wear indoors. I can do the same to him." Nevertheless, GQ knows what its audience really wants—their "article" about model-turned-chef Padma Lakshmi is basically just a photo... More

Let the Bad Times Roll: Richman eats New Orleans

Alan Richman is a colleague and friend. He is one of our greatest and most celebrated food writers. He is a professional curmudgeon who can be pointed and funny when he sets his sights on appropriate targets. All of that being said, Richman has written a slothful, meanspirited, and myopic piece about New Orleans food, restaurants, and culture in the November GQ. I could go on and on about Richman's shamefully skewed view of New Orleans. But another friend and colleague, Brett Anderson, has written an extremely insightful and cogent response. Please read Richman's piece and Anderson's response and decide for yourself. Chezpim also weighed in on this weighty topic.... More

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