'Fusion Pizza Week' on Serious Eats

My Pie Monday: Mikey K.'s Pizza Mexicana

[Photograph: Mikey K.] This entry would have been perfect for Fusion Pizza Week last week on Slice. SeƱor Mikey K. says: Hey Adam, attached is a photo of my latest homemade creation, Pizza Mexicana. I'm a lover of two things in this world: Pizza and Mexican food, and this pie was my ultimate fantasy.The dough is my own homemade recipe. I use Pillsbury Bread Flour, salt, fresh yeast that I get from a Polish bakery nearby, and, of course, NYC tap water. I let it rise for an hour at room temperature and then move it to the fridge... More

Welcome to 'Pizza But Not Pizza Week' / 'Fusion Pizza Week' on Slice!

If you didn't tune into Slice last week, you might not know that I am on my honeymoon right now.... Actually, Future Adam is on his honeymoon. The guy writing this is Adam from the Past. I've been preparing Slice posts to automagically appear while that jerk Future Adam is out having fun. Got that? Anyway, let me dispose of that tortured device. While I'm away, I've come up with a couple different "themed" weeks on Slice. Last week was NYC Pizza Week. This week has sort of a split-personality theme ... Pizza But Not Pizza Week coupled with Fusion... More

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