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The Pizza Lab: The Best French Bread Pizza

Slice J. Kenji López-Alt 29 comments

French bread pizza doesn't have to be that boring, overly sweet, soggy staple of cafeteria lunches that we all know. Here's how to make a version that's boldly seasoned, well balanced, and perfectly textured. More

The Best French Bread Pizza

Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt 21 comments

Classic French bread pizza upgraded with a heavy does of garlicky butter, two cheese, and fresh herbs. More

Daily Slice: Pizza Bread at Little Gourmet, Los Angeles

Slice Kelly Bone 6 comments

Little Gourmet became my go-to lunch spot during a temporary job in El Segundo. After trying every pizza place in the area, the Cheese Pizza Bread ($2.50) won me over despite being the very definition of Sysco pizza. More

Poll: Which Pizza/Bread Hybrid is Best?

Slice Meredith Smith 30 comments

A little tomato sauce and grated cheese can transform almost any old bread base—an English muffin, bagel, or a crusty end of French bread—into a the perfect after-school approximation of the best stuff on Earth. While these pizza mutts can never rival the real thing, nostalgia can breed some pretty fierce loyalty to devotees of this class of pizza snack. Which pizza-bread hybrid do you love best? More

Daily Slice: French Bread Pizza at Woodwork, NYC

Slice Carey Jones 8 comments

Most of my French bread pizza memories are unhappy ones involving Stouffers and a microwave, but the Woodwork Pizza ($6) at Prospect Heights sports bar Woodwork gives me a new appreciation for the style. More

'Food & Wine' Magazine Wimps Out with Its Taste Tests

Ed Levine 1 comment

Food & Wine is actually my guilty pleasure food glossy. I know it's style- and star-driven, but it's a very well put together magazine whose editors execute their vision very well. That said, the "Taste Tests" in the front of the book almost always wimp out. I'm sure the reason is that they don't want to piss off any present or future advertisers, but the result for me is that I don't believe a word that's said in them. They tasted frozen pizzas in the April 2007 issue and reported on three, Amy's, American Flatbread, and Stouffer's French Bread Cheese Pizza. In a shocking development, they liked them all. If you need further proof that Food & Wine wimps out... More

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