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Montreal and New Orleans Midwestern French Fry Mashup at fRedhots and Fries in Illinois

Regional delicacies suck. Not in taste, but precisely because their goodness rarely transcends geography. Whether it’s the water (New York pizza, Montreal bagels, Philly cheesesteak bread) or stubborn (but smart) non-franchising ingenuity (Chris Bianco’s pizzas, Doug Sohn’s sausages), the really good stuff makes you come to it. Rare is the reasonably good re-creation of a local food stuff star. Rarer yet, or maybe unprecedented, is the genius in which three great regional delicacies get mixed together and somehow come out better in a place in which none of those items is native. Until now. Somehow, Fred Markhoff of fRedhots and Fries, the goateed sausage king of Chicago’s Northwest suburbs, has stolen the best of New Orleans’ roast beef po-boys, Belgian... More

Sweet Potato Fries at Fredhots and Fries in Chicago

Contrary to popular belief, not all weird game meat tastes like chicken. Sometime it tastes like cow. Exhibit A: the reindeer sausage at Chicago’s wacky suburban sausage emporium Fredhots and Fries. A couple of years ago, owner Fred Markoff introduced an Alaskan reindeer sausage topped with grilled onion and mustard, Maxwell polish-style (a polish sausage in lieu of the reindeer makes it a classic Maxwell). As with most extreme food related ideas, say Kobayashi throwing down 40 pounds of encased animal parts at the Nathan’s Famous dog contest, burning folks' tastebuds off with the hottest wings ever, or deep-frying Twinkies, the media stumbled over themselves to cover the moment. There was a whole spate of twisted fathers scarring their... More

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