'Freakonomics' on Serious Eats

'The Economist' Sends a Package Full of Pasties (Not Pastries)

The Economist sent a pasty, not a pastry, to Freakonomics writer Stephen Dubner. Freaknomics writer and blogger Stephen Dubner thought he noted a spelling slip in a recent Economist piece: "In the hills north east of Mexico City it is not uncommon to find Cornish pasties for sale." To Dubner, pastry without an "r" meant small, strategic coverings for a female chest, not savory pockets full of meat and veggies. Turns out The Economist was referring to the edible kind of pasties, not those in the lingerie section. Dubner's gotcha moment was in turn gotcha'd by the magazine, who FedEx'd him a pasty stuffed with peas, carrots, potatoes and mystery meat. Though he doesn't normally gobble down food from... More

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