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What the Frappe? THIS is a Real Milkshake

J. Kenji López-Alt 50 comments

You know what a milkshake is, right? Ice cream, a splash of milk, perhaps some flavored syrup or malt (if you want to get extra special), all blended together with a powerful whirring disk until smooth and creamy. That's what you think a milkshake is, but you're wrong. As any true New Englander can tell you, what you got there ain't a milkshake. It's a frappe, plain and simple. More

Philadelphia: Great Frappés at Capogiro

Drinks Liz Clayton 3 comments

Capogiro's house frappé is an almost airy blend made with their subtle gelato and milk—for a drink in the milkshake family, it's almost refreshing. More

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