'Fourth of July' on Serious Eats

Happy Fourth of July!

We're taking the day off today to hang out grill-side and watch the fireworks! If you're still searching for recipes, fear not. Head over to our Summer Entertaining page devoted to grilling tips, refreshing drinks, summer salads, utensil-less picnic foods, and more. We also rounded up some Fourth-friendly recipes here, in addition to this week's cookout menu: skirt steak, a white bean salad, and a patriotic berry tart. How will you be celebrating? More

The Slice Guide to the Fourth of July

Happy almost Independence Day, Slice'rs! It's not too late to mix up some dough for a nice long cold ferment before the Fourth (if you haven't already done so). In fact, why wouldn't you?! You're already gonna have the grill out, you've been meaning to hone your pizza grilling skillz, and, honestly, burgers and hot dogs are kind of played out. Here are some recipes, tips, and pairing suggestions to take everyone's eyes from the sky to your pies this holiday weekend. More

4th of July Weekend Menu Planner

Aside from fireworks, the best part about the Fourth is the grilling, right? If you're still brainstorming what to make this weekend, here's a slew of our favorite recipes, from the classic 'tato salad to the cherry pie for dessert, as well as some must-know grilling tips. More

Fourth of July Menu Planner

It's July Fourth weekend, which means it's time to bust out the grilling tongs and get that flag cake assembled. Here are some of our favorite recipes for potato salad, guacamole, pulled pork, sliders, and non-flag-cake desserts like brownies and pies (how much more American can a dessert get?!). Happy holiday weekend from everyone at Serious Eats world headquarters! More

Serious Salad: Patriotic Presidential Potato Salad

There is no food more quintessentially USA than the humble sweet potato. While many other cultures have celebrated the New World export of the standard red and white (and sometimes blue fingerling) spud, Americans have lovingly embraced the sweet potato in a very unique fashion. We deck it out in marshmallows, slather it with marmalade and maple syrup, fry it, and tart it up with brown sugar and even coconut. In honor of the upcoming patriotic holiday celebrations, I have made a sweet potato salad: roasted sweet potatoes with paprika. More

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