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The Best Chocolate Biscuit Ever: Fortnum & Mason's Chocolossus Biscuits

I don't like most chocolate cookies. They're confusing: unless they're absolutely loaded with chocolate, they don't taste much like chocolate at all; on the other hand, they don't quite taste like cookie, either. Chocolate chippers, fine. Oreos, fine, because the filling saves them. The typical chocolate cookie, though, doesn't do much for me. But chocolate biscuits are another story. Say what you will about the British and their food, our friends across the pond are very good at dipping things in chocolate. And Fortnum & Mason's Chocolossus Biscuits are no exception. In fact, they may be the tastiest chocolate biscuits I've ever eaten.... More

Colonialism Redux: Fortnum & Mason, The Queen's Grocer, Comes Stateside

When it comes to tea and biscuits, our relationship with the Brits hasn't always been a smooth one. (Remember that last Tea Party—around, say, 1773? Didn't end well.) But in a burst of transatlantic good will, the Queen's Grocer Fortnum & Mason is launching its first American product line, bringing all manner of quintessentially British goodies to the States at last. Fortnum & Mason has been one of the gold standards for British goodies for over three centuries—the Queen doesn't put her name on just anything. Their jams, desserts, champagne, and teas are packaged as prettily as products from America's Harry and David, but are much more widespread—and much tastier. Although British cuisine often gets a bad rap, no one... More

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