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Poll: Do You Eat Pizza When Traveling Abroad?

There's a universal love for pizza, which means it's available just about anywhere you travel. But it's never quite the same in any one place. Even the chains have their own unique topping combinations from country to country. When traveling in foreign lands and sampling your way through the local food, do you try to work pizza into the mix? More

The Prestigious Collection from Domino's Japan

In the limited time collection of "Prestige" pizzas, topping combinations include: the snow crab and shrimp gratin with a "rich and luxurious" white sauce finished with truffles; Mangalitsa pork, known as Hungary's "edible national treasure", with asparagus and Bordeaux sauce; and fresh mozzarella with beef stew and broccoli. (Hmm. One of these seems less prestigious than the others.) But the best part is that they can all be combined in the Quattro Prestige. More

Dear Slice: Here's Where to Get Pizza in Zambia

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got this awesome email from Justin C. in Zambia.... I'm a federal civil servant currently on a four-month detail to Lusaka, Zambia, and until recently I had accepted that I'd be without good pizza during that time. Lusaka is the capital of a very undeveloped country, and the options are very limited even in the city. There are a couple fast-food pizza joints here (South African chain Debonairs and Pizza Inn), but they're terrible. A couple colleagues recommended I go to Black Knight, a local bakery/coffee shop chain that makes pizza. The... More

More on the Hutong Pizzeria in Beijing

Last week we posted about the Hutong Pizza pizzeria in Beijing: Photograph by jeanmichelchuiche on Flickr That prompted reader Etcetera24 to share her photos with us. Here's what it looks like on the inside: Photographs above and below right from kitkatcathy on Flickr Etcetera24 says: "That place makes a great pizza. Don't let the appearance in the photo fool you. There's an entire (albeit tiny) restaurant tucked away there. The entrance is at the end of an alley. As seen in my pictures here." But is that really the name of the place? Do the Chinese characters translate into something... More

Hutong Pizza in Beijing

Photograph by jeanmichelchuiche on Flickr Before and during the Olympic bacchanalia in Beijing, much was made of the fact that the government there had torn down blocks of hutongs. Those remaining are being snatched up by wealthy Chinese or foreigners, all who think it's cool to live in these traditional courtyard residences. From what I've read, it's not uncommon for restaurants and shops to be located in hutongs, and here, I just spotted this cool photo of a pizzeria situated in one. It's from jeanmichelchuiche's Beijing 北京 Hutong 胡同 on Flickr.... More

Paris Pizza Recommendation: Da Pietro

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... I'm with my family in Paris and just had a really serious pizza pie. The restaurant is called Da Pietro, located on Rue d'Mabillon in the 6th Arrondissement. Nobody had hyped me on the joint, but I kept walking past it all week, and something about it kept calling to me. I'm glad I listened. The pie I had is also called Da Pietro, and I can see why they decided to put their name to this particular pie. Its base is a Margherita, in the Una Pizza Napoletana tradition—fresh mozzarella,... More

Mon Dieu!

A Guide to the French. Handle With Care: "Never use the word 'toilette' when asking a host for directions to the powder room; try to avoid going there at all. Never say 'Bon appétit' at the start of a meal. Don't talk loudly. Never discuss your religion or your money at dinner. Eat hamburgers, pizza, foie gras, and sorbet with a fork. Always say 'bonjour' to the bus driver, and to fellow passengers on elevators. 'Pas mal' doesn't necessarily mean 'Not bad.' It can mean 'Great!'... More

10 Crazy Asian Pizzas

My idea of a pizza is rather basic: a flat round of dough covered in tomato sauce, dotted with mozzarella, and topped with a few basil leaves. But in the world of East Asian pizza chain pies, that would be some major weak-sauce pizza. More

Angela's: A Coal-Oven Pizzeria in Massachusetts

I am a devoted slice eater and pizza worshiper from Providence, Rhode Island. I am writing to you from the state of Esprito Santo in Brazil. Before I left for my trip, I had the pleasure of dining at Angela's Coal Fired Pizza in Saugus, Massachusetts (actually, immediately before leaving from JFK, I stopped at L&B Spumoni Gardens, Nathan's, and Di Fara within a two-hour period). Angela's opened in November, I believe. As far as I know, it's the closest coal oven to my Providence home. It may be the only one in Massachusetts as well.... More

Le Petit Camion de Pizza That Could

Editor's note: Last week, we ran an item on pizza in Reykajik, Iceland, sent in from homeslice Mark H. (aka Famdoc), who's written some reviews for us in the past (here and here). Mark grabbed some shots of the following: Dear Slice, While strolling the streets of Montpellier, France last month, I spied what must be the world's smallest pizza delivery truck, en route to a hungry, pizza-loving French person. —Mark H.... More

Reykjavik Pizza Company; Reykjavik, Iceland

Editor's note: A few weeks ago, I got the following email from Mark H. (aka Famdoc), who's written some reviews (here and here) for us in the past. He tipped us to the following. Buon appetito! —Adam Reykjavik Pies: Talk about frozen pizza. Recently got back from a two-week trip to Europe, finishing off with two and a half days in Iceland, thanks to Icelandair's fares allowing a free stopover en route to or returning from its European destinations. We spent a day and a half in Iceland's capital city, Reykjavik. Not really thinking about pizza, I passed by two... More

Korean Shrimp Roll and Hot Dog Pizzas

Japan, I used to love you for your inventiveness—the way you took things from other cultures, tweaked them, and improved them. But you're slippin', babe. That Double Roll pizza you came up with? So kinō. Say annyong to two amazingly ostentatious pizzas that Pizza Hut South Korea has come up with (I don't know their names, so I'm just making them up here as I go along). Videos of the Korean commercials, after the jump.... More

Pizza in Manila: Cibo

Ladies and gents, my homeslices, every now and then one of you writes in with a review and info about far-flung pizzerias that are way out of the range of typical Slice coverage. Today, we've got such an item for you. Mark Cohen (pictured, below right), who lives part of the year in Manila and whose first Manila dispatch appears here, is back with another report. —Adam Cibo is the ten-year-old brainchild of one of Manila's most dynamic and accomplished business people, Margarita Fores. Born in Manila, she moved to New York City when she was 15 and lived there... More

Pizza in Manila: Nuccio's

Ladies and gents, my homeslices, every now and then one of you writes in with reviews and info about far-flung pizzerias that are way out of the range of typical Slice coverage. Today, we've got such an item for you. Mark Cohen, who lives part of the year in Manila, submitted a couple dispatches about some pizzerias in the Philippines. Here's the first of his reports. —The Mgmt. Words and photographs by Mark Cohen | I grew up in the New York City area and lived there until I left for college. I was a typical New York pizza freak—except... More

Big in Japan: The Pizza Hut Double Roll Pizza

SCREEN NAME REDACTED: prepare to have your mind blown: hot-dog stuffed crust pizza - http://yumsugar.com/407464 nycslice: seen it: http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2007/05/pizza_link_roundup.html nycslice: ;) nycslice: and, yes, my mind was thoroughly blown nycslice: i kinda want it nycslice: i wish we had real pizza huts in nyc nycslice: instead of the pizza hut express locations SCREEN NAME REDACTED: so do i - i love that it's half and half nycslice: (um, i can't believe i typed that) Pizza Hut Double Roll Pizza [pizzahut.jp]... More

Rome: Taverna della Scala Ristorante

Reaching into the Slice mailbag today we find a tasty-looking photo from reader Paul Lang: Adam, I'm a fan of the blog and recently went to Europe for a quick trip. In Rome (Trastaverre was the specific neighborhood), my wife and I ate at Taverna della Scala Ristorante. We had a terrific pizza Margherita (photo attached) that had the perfect combination of crisp crust, appropriate amount of cheese, and fresh tomato sauce. Combined with the €9 house wine and a long day of hiking the city, this pizza really hit the spot. I thought I would send along the pizza... More

More Fusion Pizza: You Got Your Meat Pie in My Pizza Pie

Down Under, Domino's mixes the classic Australian meat pie with the pizza pie: Until now, the most creative makeovers of the humble meat pie have involved stacking things on top of it. This week Domino's stacked it on something else.The Meat Pie Pizza comes with beef mince, onions, and peas topped with thick pastry and tomato sauce—and it looks about as pretty as a half-gobbled dog's eye. Crikey! Related: More fusion pizza on Slice... More

Pizza Site in Hebrew!

Dear Slice, My name is Oded. Me and a friend started a new pizza site in Hebrew at www.pizzanet.co.il. The site features all sort of funky Pizza information such as the history of the pizza, trivia, famous pizza related quotes, recipes etc. The site is entirely in Hebrew, except for a new English index we just added (we are working on translating the content to English). We are without a doubt the biggest informational site about Pizza in Hebrew. —Oded Dear Oded, I'm going to have to trust you that all the triva, recipes, funky pizza info, etc., exists... More

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