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Eat This Now: Cap'n Crunch-Crusted Tilapia Burrito at Cucina Zapata in Philadelphia

Patrick Crutchley 2 comments

Cucina Zapata, a Thai-Mexican-fusion food truck on Drexel University's campus in Philadelphia, combines Cap'n Crunch with fish (and a deep fryer) to surprisingly good effect. More

Marvelous Mobile Pies from S & J's Woodfired Pizza in Atlanta, GA

Slice Todd Brock 4 comments

S&J's Woodfired Pizza may not be the easiest pie shop to find in Atlanta (that's about to change...), but what they're pulling out of their eye-catching little red trailer makes it well worth the extra effort. More

Small Axe Truck Is Making One of the Best Burgers in Portland, ME

A Hamburger Today Liz Bomze 7 comments

A few weeks ago, the Small Axe Truck debuted its burger, the Smokestack Lightning, and proclaimed it the best burger around. Ordinarily, I'd say that's a bold statement to make, but in this case it might well be true. More

A Sandwich a Day: Roasted Red Pepper, Egg and Goat Cheese at Carbon's Golden Malted Food Truck

Chicago Molly Durham Post a comment

Let me be clear, if I had known that the sandwiches from this truck came with waffles as the bread, I would have been here long before now. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Eastman at The Eastman Egg Company Food Truck

Chicago Molly Durham 3 comments

The people at this food truck are some of the friendliest people I've ever encountered before 8 a.m. When I roll into work on a Monday and not only get to chow down on a good breakfast sandwich, but the people handing it to me start my day off with a smile? I'm not sure it gets any better than that. More

3 Food Trucks We Love at the Durham Farmers Market, North Carolina

Kimberly Gormley Post a comment

You can always count on three or four food trucks parking alongside the Durham Farmers' Market, ready to serve an eclectic mix of portable breakfast and lunch offerings to the town's locavores and early risers. More

DiSO's, the Italian Sandwich Shop on Wheels

New York Lauren McInnes Post a comment

An Italian sandwich truck with sliced-to-order meat and cheese from Di Palo's? Sign us up. More

Street Food: Batch Ice Cream Truck, Boston

Sweets Kate Shannon 5 comments

This spring, a sweet new food truck hit the streets: the Batch ice cream truck. Yup, this is the same small batch (get it?), high quality ice cream that burst out of Jamaica Plain's Crop Circle Kitchen in 2010 and has been winning awards—and fans—ever since. More

A Sandwich a Day: Mekanek at Toum Lebanese Truck

New York Max Falkowitz 6 comments

Toum, a Lebanese food truck that's been making the rounds on 46th Street in Midtown, Prospect Park, Dumbo, and Tribeca, makes wraps good enough to right every sad wrap that's ever wronged you. More

Boston, MA: Ice Cream Sandwiches at the Frozen Hoagies Truck

Sweets Liz Bomze 4 comments

You're familiar with fro-yo. This is fro-ho*. Frozen Hoagies, if we're being formal. The ice cream sandwich truck shuttles between the Charlestown Naval Yard and Cleveland Circle, making several downtown stops in between where it sells homemade cookies (available large or small, called "sliders") packed around thick scoops of Chilly Cow frozen custard. A home run concept, to say the least. More

First Look: Narwhal Oyster Truck in Seattle

Jay Friedman 1 comment

The menu board listed four food items, including a version of the fried oysters that have been earned national acclaim at The Walrus and the Carpenter oyster bar. Soup with seafood, trout salad, and toast with a fish smear are typical of the menu items you can expect to see if you can harpoon a visit with Narwhal. More

Behind the Scenes in the Epic Del Popolo Pizza Truck

Slice David Kover 26 comments

Holy hell, the Del Popolo pizza truck is cool! A mammoth shipping container with a wall of windows so you can watch the pizzaiolo, Jon Darsky, fire pies in the 5000-pound, wood-fired oven inside. We've teased you with pictures of this beast before, but now we have the full report! More

Daily Slice: Fox Pizza Bus, Los Angeles

Slice Kelly Bone 1 comment

The double decker Fox Pizza Bus has roamed Los Angeles since 2010. The converted bus is outfitted with a Forno Bravo wood burning oven and staffed by Chef Mike Fox and event planner Jordan Hieshetter. With their eye on the catering business, it has taken me a while to finally track down the big red monster. More

A Sandwich a Day: Spam Sliders from Marination Mobile in Seattle, WA

A Sandwich a Day Naomi Bishop 4 comments

Canned lunchmeat seems an unlikely ingredient for a signature sandwich, but the spam sliders at Marination Mobile make tracking down the truck worth every second of your time. Add a little teriyaki glaze, some special "nunya" sauce (What's in it? That's nunya business!), and a bun that brings it all together and suddenly scary meat product becomes savory small sandwich. More

First Look: Casey's Pizza Truck in San Francisco

Slice David Kover 15 comments

Though we'd just reviewed Casey's Pizza in May (hint: the pizzas were good), the San Francisco pizza operation required another visit because it just launched the city's first mobile pizza truck. A 1900-pound pizza oven loaded into a Navy uniform truck? Pretty cool! More

Street Food Profiles: The Burger Bus in Santa Barbara, California

Erin Zimmer 7 comments

Note: It's time for another edition of Street Food Profiles. This week we scoot to Santa Barbara where a former school bus becomes a delicious burger-mobile. "CB&J," aka Cheeseburger and Jelly (that would be jalapeno jelly). [Photographs: The Burger Bus] Name: The Burger Bus Vendors: Cheryl and Michael Gardner Twitter: @theburgerbus Location and hours? Tuesday through Fridays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturdays are TBA. Locations vary but are always updated online. What's on the menu? Locally sourced cheeseburgers (including one with jelly), falafel, and sides like yam fries, fried pickle chips, and onion rings. How long have you been street fooding? Five months. How has Twitter affected business? Although Santa Barbara is a small city, Twitter helps remind... More

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