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Video: How to Make Green Screen Cookies from 'Food Party'

Get ready for tomorrow night's Food Party debut on IFC by watching the show's creator Thu Tran demonstrate how to make Green Screen cookies. All you need is Fantasy Potion! You know...Fantasy Potion, available at your local grocery store or bodega. "Just ask the man very nicely and he will give it to you," Tran says. Watch the video after the jump.... More

Next Tuesday, 'Food Party' Debuting on IFC

Cute, colorful, wacky, always awesome, and sometimes creepy puppet-heavy show Food Party is making the jump from YouTube to your television set! Next Tuesday, June 9, at 11:15 p.m. Food Party will debut on IFC with six episodes already lined up. Like before, the show stars creator Thu Tran, lots of puppets, and lots of food in a setting that you won't find on Food Network. If you don't have cable, Thu says, "this is a good excuse to become friends with someone who does! Who knows! You may become very good friends!" If you live in New York City, another alternative is to attend the Food Party Cable Television World Premiere Party next Tuesday night at Monkey Town... More

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