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Food Network Monopoly Cards

What would the Food Network version of Monopoly be like? Food Network Humor shares some Monopoly cards you might find in the game. Related Paula Deen's Husband Will Write 'My Delicious Life with Paula Deen' In Videos: Melanie Hutsell Impersonates Paula Deen on 'Paula's Best Dishes' The Barefoot Contessa's Empire Video: Sandra Lee 'Delicious, Delicious, Delicious' Montage... More

25 Fugly Food Tattoos

[Photographs: Food Network Humor] We've done our fair share of food tattoo posts on Serious Eats, so you know we're not ink-haters. But after a while, there are only so many blog posts you can look at where someone's all like, "Look! A food-themed tat!" Snooooooz. So when our hot dog man, Hawk Krall, emailed this link to me, I was like, Seriously? Another one? Until I clicked through. Food Network Humor does it again, with a brilliant round-up of the 25 most gawdawful fugly food tats out there. The three above are just some of the "What were they thinking?" moments on display. Perhaps the best (worst?) is the sad, lonely portrait of Colonel Sanders on some dude's... More

A 'Guide' to Understanding the Food Network

UPDATE: Do not bother clicking through the link here. Apparently, it is not funny. —AK, 8/9/2009 Longing for Cinnabon and Diet Cherry Dr Pepper? LOL. Food Network Humor, true to its name, offers a satirical list titled "Understanding the Food Network." These are little known "facts" that will help you "understand why the Food Network is the way it is": The Neelys: They are brother and sister. They just play a married couple.Sandra Lee: She feels that she is a woman trapped in a woman’s body.Tyler Florence: He is extremely sensitive to the fact that his first name is a common last name and his last name is a common woman’s first name.The Chairman of Iron Chef: He is not... More

Slice Mentioned on 'Good Day LA'

Slice was apparently featured on Good Day LA this morning during the "Maria Surfs the Web" segment. Thanks to Maria Quiban for the shout out. Greetings to any new folks in Los Angeles who may have found us via KTTV Fox 11. (And just so nobody gets bent out of shape here, the videos Ms. Quiban actually shows in her segment were videos Slice embedded via Food Network Humor and Stephanie Izard's Tasty Life.) Update (7/14/2009): As has been pointed out below and on Food Network Humor, my tone above comes off as pretty damn flip—that's not what I... More

Blogger: Frank Pepe's 'Overrated, Overhyped, Awful'

The blog Food Network Humor reacts to Alan Richman's pizza list in GQ, focusing on No. 12 Frank Pepe's: Here’s the thing: I live in Connecticut. I’ve waited in the lines. I’ve feasted on the various “world famous” pizza pies. And I’ve left disappointed, every time. Sure the place is filled with history, and yes, they cook in a coal oven, but so what? The result is a tired, dated restaurant and pizzas that are so chewy you can hardly swallow them. The truth is, Pepe’s serves the worst pizza I have ever eaten in my life (and I’ve... More

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