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Hot Dog of the Week: Hard Shell Coney from Angelo's in Flint, Michigan

Hot Dog of the Week Hawk Krall 4 comments

A hot dog in a taco shell? The Koegel's dogs actually fit perfectly in the shell, the snap of the natural casing combined with the crunch of the taco creating an awesome texture. More

Flint, Michigan: Angelo's Serves A Killer Diner-Style Cheeseburger

A Hamburger Today J. Kenji López-Alt 9 comments

Angelo's is an old-timey counter-service restaurant specializing in Coney's—Michigan-style hot dogs topped with mustard, onions, and a mild beef heart-based chili. Surprisingly, the best thing on their menu isn't their dogs, it's the burgers—a classic diner-style burger if there ever was one. More

Koegel's Vienna Dogs from Flint, Michigan Give Sabrett a Run for Their Money

J. Kenji López-Alt 29 comments

Having been raised in New York, I'm a hardcore Sabrett fan all the way, particularly the surprisingly tough to find natural-casing variety. Anything else just ain't a hot dog. But a recent trip to Flint, Michigan gave me some food for thought. More

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