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First Look: Zero Otto Nove, Salernitano Pizza in the Flatiron District

The original Zero Otto Nove is wildly popular, having quickly built a following since Arthur Avenue restaurateur Roberto Paciullo (Roberto's) opened it in late 2007. Both locations serve Salerno-style pizza, which could easily be mistaken for its cousin, Neapolitan-style pizza. They're both cooked in a wood-oven, both round, both a similar size (about 12 inches in diameter). Both exhibit a minimalist restraint and a focus on ingredient quality rather than quantity. But where Neapolitan pizza is often "wet" in the center, with a puffy rim (the Italians call it the cornicione), Salerno-style pizza, according to longtime Slice'r Gianluca Rottura, is a bit more crisp and not as pillowy at the edge. After trying a trio of pizzas on Tuesday night at the Manhattan 089 (Zero Otto Nove is the Italian translation of Salerno's telephone area code), I began to think of the style as a sort of "missing link" between Neapolitan pizza and New York–style. More

Openings: Arthur Avenue's Zero Otto Nove Coming to Manhattan

Peter D. wrote to us on Sunday with the news that acclaimed Arthur Avenue pizza hotspot Zero Otto Nove is coming to Manhattan. Located at 15 West 21st Street (between Fifth and Sixth avenues), the new location, which has yet to open, seems to have found a good spot for the Neapolitan-esque style of pizza it makes. The only pizzeria of a similar vein is La Pizza Fresca (reviewed here) about 3 minutes away on 20th Street just off Broadway. More

Daily Slice: Focaccia at Eataly

On one recent visit, the fresh-tasting tomatoes on the focaccia perfectly balanced the savory cheese and chewy olive oil-slicked bread. Another time, the tomatoes and oil added so much moisture to the bread that the slice basically dissolved. But the toppings are luscious: the mozzarella just crispy and browned on top but with a fresh squeakiness underneath. The tomatoes have a bright, clean flavor. It can be a bit messy to eat, and it's much safer to carry in a pizza box than in a bag. More

Daily Slice: Mozzarelli's, Flatiron District

Daily Slice gives a quick snapshot each weekday of a different slice or pie that the folks at the Serious Eats empire have enjoyed lately. —The Mgmt. Photograph: Christopher Stephens] Say you're near the Flatiron Building and you want a slice of pizza. Sure, you could go to Rossopomodoro at Eataly (Slice review here), but you just want a single slice, without much fuss, and you're avoiding the temptation to buy yet another bottle of aged balsamic vinegar. Instead, walk just south of Madison Square Park for a plain slice at Mozzarelli's. It's not going to win any awards, but... More

Gramercy: Frank's Express Pizza

Frank's Express 127 E 23rd Street, New York NY 10010; 212 379 5469; franksexpresspizza.com Pizza Style: New York–style Oven Type: Gas The Skinny: A perfectly fine example of the classic New York slice Price:$2 a slice, square or round Frank's Express lives up to its name. You can walk down East 23rd Street hungry one minute and the next be munching on a slice of perfectly fine classic New York–style pizza. Talk about instant gratification. At Frank's there always seem to be two pies waiting in the glass box, already apportioned into slices. A steady stream of eager students... More

NYC: La Pizza Fresca (or, 'How the VPN Is Like THX Sound')

Alejandro Rivas has been the pizzaiolo at New York City's La Pizza Fresca since it opened in 1997 and fired up its wood-burning oven. He has made tens of thousands of pizzas since, working lunch and dinner six days a week. He gets Saturdays off, when his boss takes over the oven, but I bet the pies are not quite as good on those days. I asked Rivas if he ever eats pizza on his day off. He looked at me like I was nuts. More

'Always Hungry' Disappointed After Revisiting La Pizza Fresca

The blog Always Hungry visited La Pizza Fresca, the first New York City pizzeria to really stress its Neapolitan bone fides (it was the first joint in the city to receive certification from the Vera Pizza Napoletana association) to see how it held up after all the high-profile Naples-stilo openings as of late. After doing a pie-by-pie tasting, the folks there didn't like it: Of course, the real draw of a Neapolitan style pizza is the thin crust, and La Pizza Fresca’s limp, chewy base was dangerously close to that of Franny’s, a problem with every pie. Ooh, and... More

Waldy's Bacon, Chicken, Chipotle Pizza

OK, Robby T., I had the pizza you recommended. I've gotta say, good call on the toppings. You know I'm generally not an outré toppings kinda guy, but bacon and chipotle—how can you say no? Chicken I could take or leave, but I wanted to stay faithful to your rec. Anyway, man—I gotta say, great combo. But that crust. It was still as tough as I remember. My solution was to place two slices cheese side together and pretend I was eating a delicious chipotle chicken club sandwich.... More

Dear Slice: Why Not Try a Bacon, Chicken, Chipotle Pizza from Waldy's?

You should try the bacon, chicken, chipotle pizza at Waldy's on Sixth Avenue. --Robby T. -------------------- Dear Robby, I'll try it just for the topping combo, which sounds kind of interesting. Now the crust delivering those toppings ... it needs some work. Waldy's is actually fairly close to the Slice office, but I gave up on it after too many tough-crusted pies. That par-baking thing that they try to sell as a plus on the website ("The crust is par baked ahead of time rather than pre-cooking the entire pizza then reheating it, which creates a uniquely crisp texture") just... More

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