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The Serious Eats All Star NYC Barbecue Dream Team

New York Max Falkowitz 15 comments

What if we could take the best barbecue from around New York and combine it at one magic meat palace of a restaurant?What would such at place look like? Who'd be there? After plenty of research, beer-soaked debate, and antacids, we think we have our answer. More

Mable's Smokehouse vs. Fette Sau: The State of Brooklyn Barbecue

New York Ed Levine 18 comments

This didn't start as a battle of Brooklyn barbecue; this started as a review of Mable's Smokehouse, the newest barbecue joint to grace Williamsburg. But after a meal at Mable's, we had to see how its closest competitor, Fette Sau, stacked up. More

Photo of the Day: Meat Mural

Adam Kuban 3 comments

This photo caught my eye while I was paging through my Flickr contacts. It's a wall mural comprising cuts of meat at the restaurant Fette Sau in Brooklyn. Taken by Mintyfresh of the knitting blog Pepperknit.... More

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