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Market Scene: Saturday at Ferry Plaza in San Francisco

Juicy eat-over-the-sink peaches are abundant at Ferry Plaza's big Saturday market, plus apricots, pluots, and other stone fruit. The strawberries are red all the way through, and there's still some rhubarb to be had if you're making pies. Special finds this week included green almonds and unusual mushrooms, artichokes, corn, and baby squash with the blossoms attached. More

San Francisco: Our Favorite Stops at the Ferry Plaza Market

Seven days a week, San Francisco's Ferry Building Marketplace is an eater's paradise; but on Saturdays especially, it gets even better, when the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market appears and every side of the enormous building is lined with stands from bakers and cheesemakers and butchers and farmers, not to mention area restaurants with stands of their own. With all this deliciousness, what's best to eat? Here are some bites we've known and loved. More

Market Scene: Banning Plastic Bags in San Francisco

Editor's note: Please welcome back Market Scene. Each week a correspondent from a different part of the country will check in with what's in season, what's coming up, and what you should grab before it goes out. Today, Jennifer Maiser, editor of Eat Local Challenge, kicks off with San Francisco. It's springtime in San Francisco, and the farmers' markets are overflowing with amazing vegetables. I wanted to do a dance last weekend when I picked up fava beans—they are one of several crops that I cannot wait to see during the spring. Favas seem to last just an instant in the markets, and I am absolutely addicted to them. People love to debate whether fava beans are worth all the... More

Market Scene: 'Cold' Weather in San Francisco

It was super cold in San Francisco this weekend—around 52 degrees—so I had to don a hat and scarf and coat in order to go to the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. Friends and I giggled as we realized how ridiculous it is that we consider the low-50s to be unbearably cold, but such is the life of a Californian. While a friend scoured the market for local gifts for faraway friends, I had a goal of buying some basics to get me through the week. I've been in a bit of a cooking slump lately, so while shopping I focused on the basics that would sustain me for the week but not overwhelm my energy level. Heirloom Organics had... More

Market Scene: Summer Becomes Fall at Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market in San Francisco

It's been a couple weeks since I've attended a local farmers' market, which always unsettles me a bit. Even when I don't have much to buy, I enjoy checking out markets in the area because they help me remember where we are in the season and feel more connected to the time of year. After being away for several days, I stepped away from work for a few minutes to attend last Tuesday's Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market. Most of the customers at this market are business people from nearby offices picking up fruit and vegetables on their lunch hour. It's crowded, but doesn't have the crush of people attending the Saturday market. For the next week or two, San... More

Local Flour Available at San Francisco’s Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market

It's easy to get local produce at this renown San Francisco market, "But now, shoppers ... can buy wheat berries from the Eatwell Farm stand and either grind it into flour themselves in the stand's small mill or ask one of the farm stand helpers to do it for them. The whole wheat flour, from a hard red winter wheat, works well in pancakes as well as bread recipes, says Nigel Walker."... More

Market Scene: Early Summer, San Francisco and Portland

Sometimes, it takes being away from my hometown farmers market for a week or two to really appreciate the turn in season. I spent last week in Portland and visited the PSU Farmers Market, one of my favorite markets in the country. The PSU market was full of piles of porcini mushrooms, rhubarb and berries. The market vibe in Portland is like no other—a combination of completely relaxed mixed with a serious foodie vibe. I browsed through the market eating a Sol Pops paleta: cucumber, chile and lime-flavored. Returning to San Francisco this week, I noticed that our market had switched from spring into early summer. Gone are most signs of spring, replaced with an abundance of early summer... More

Farmers' Market Burnout

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on Bay area farmers and farmers' market burnout after two major departures from the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market, Terra Firma and Andy Griffin and Julia Wiley of Mariquita. While these departures may just be part of the regular business life cycle, farmers' markets are becoming more competitive marketplaces with more farmers offering the same goods, as well as a diluted market, thanks to the proliferation of so many farmers' markets. The question is, how does the current farmers' market business model scale, if at all? Some farmers are adapting by shifting more of their business to a CSA model, while others are branching out into unique crops.... More

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