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Mussels with Paprika

There are essentially two ways to approach this dish. The first is as a straightforward, satisfying mussel dish with a pretty good broth. Though certainly not my absolute favorite way to cook bivalves, it's tasty and ultimately worthy as a quick weeknight dinner. Not to mention, it's also a Ferran Adrià-approved recipe from his latest cookbook, The Family Meal, which means there are some high expectations. More

Serious Reads: 'The Sorcerer's Apprentices,' by Lisa Abend

Restaurant elBulli is renowned worldwide for its innovative, surprising cuisine and genius head chef Ferran Adria. Adria has been leading this kitchen in Roses, Spain, for over 25 years, and in that time has expertly merged creativity and artistic expression with haute cuisine. The restaurant is a five-time winner of the title "Best Restaurant in the World" and holds three Michelin stars. Adria's methods are so advanced and secretive that most outsiders project an aura of untouchability onto him and his staff. Journalist Lisa Abend spent more than 70 days in the elBulli kitchen, with a mission to reveal the human side of this mysterious restaurant in her book The Sorcerer's Apprentices: A Season in the Kitchen at Ferran Adria's elBulli. More

Ferran Adrià to Put El Bulli 'Research Laboratory' Recipes Online

Ferran Adrià told an audience at Harvard University on Tuesday that he plans to post a daily recipe from the research laboratory that's due to replace his El Bulli restaurant in northeast Spain. According to the Guardian, he said he would be developing a "social networking site of culinary creativity" using the kitchens of El Bulli, which are set to close in the middle of next year. More

Jay Rayner's Day at El Bulli

The Observer's restaurant critic, Jay Rayner, takes the occasion of the publication of A Day at elBulli to do just that, and dine at El Bulli for the first time. My meal there was quite simply the best of my life—the most intriguing, the most entertaining, the most delicious—which is a staggering achievement for a place hyped beyond all bounds of sense or logic. I went nursing a fear that I would be disappointed. I left all those fears by a ragged Catalan beach. Read about the day in the Observer Food Monthly, or watch the video.... More

In Videos: The Writing Spoon

If you're a perpetual doodler, even when taking a coffee break, Spanish artist Julie Mariscal has the thing for you: the Writing Spoon, which features an incision at its tip that turns it into a makeshift fountain pen. You can buy it online at Vinçon (€20.86) as part of Ferran Adrià's Faces Collection of designer kitchenware and tableware. Watch the spoon in action after the jump.... More

Spanish Chefs Go Cabeza a Cabeza

Chef Santi Santamaría is not okay with liquid nitrogen in the kitchen. In public attacks on Spanish avant-garde chefs, Santamaría has denounced the use of additives like dry ice and methyl cellulose, advocating a return to simpler, more natural cuisine. Santamaría even got personal, saying that he feels Ferran Adrià, Spain's most celebrated chef and owner of El Bulli, "is headed in a direction that is contrary to my principles." Yet Adrià and other Spanish chefs feel that there is no conflict between cooking locally and avant-garde techniques, and even Slow Food Spain agrees with them. Is high-tech cooking innovative or unnatural?... More

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