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Comment of the Day: A Tribute to Faye

Alison J Herzog 1 comment

"I still remember that the day I finally bought a fire extinguisher for my kitchen, i decided to celebrate with a grease fire." missing_LA, on "Thank You, dhorst!" More

Meet & Eat: Faye Leong, Serious Eats Intern

Meet and Eat The Serious Eats Team 24 comments

Meet Faye. She started interning with us in May, but we sort of met her a year ago when her impressive daily frozen yogurt regimen was made known. It's no lie! This girl knows how to put away the fro-yo. And diet Sunkist. And halloumi sandwiches. She was the first SE sales and marketing intern, and an all-star one at that. So say hello and get to know her! More

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