'Fat Rooster Farms' on Serious Eats

Meet Your Farmers: Jennifer Megyesi of Fat Rooster Farms in Vermont

"I quit my job and we moved to a battered, neglected farm in Vermont to start from the ground up." Jennifer (center) with her son Bradford and husband Kyle. [Photographs: Geoff Hansen] Name: Jennifer Megyesi (pronounced Ma-jess-sea) Farm: Fat Rooster Farm, named after a pet rooster that was intended as a meatbird, but I didn't have the heart to do him in. How many acres? We (my husband Kyle and I) own 20 acres and use another 165 for haying and pasturing sheep and cows. Two barred silver cockerels. Your crew: We are the full-time farmers, though we each have part-time jobs off the farm. During the growing season (March through November) we have two or sometimes up to four... More

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