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What Not to Miss At New York Cider Week

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If you're in the NYC area and you've been keeping up with The Cider Press here on Serious Eats, but you're still hesitant to trade in your grapes or grains for apples, then consider next week's New York Cider Week an crash course in cider that you shouldn't miss. More

The Cider Press: Farnum Hill Ciders in Lebanon, New Hampshire

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Since the 1980s, Farnum Hill Ciders has been at the forefront of the American cider revival. Their commitment to revitalizing the growth of heirloom apples in the United States is unsurpassed, and the nuanced beverages they produce are a reflection of that commitment. We recently had a chance to chat with Louisa Spencer, the self proclaimed 'mom' in this mom and pop outfit. More

The Cider Press: Cider From Fruit to Glass

Drinks Chris Lehault 3 comments

Developing a delicious hard cider is no easy feat. From farmer to scientist to master blender, aspiring cidermakers take on a variety of roles through their cider's long journey from fruit to glass. While there are as many methods to cider production as there are apple varieties, here's a general idea of how cider is made. More

What to Drink at Thanksgiving: American Artisanal Cider

Drinks Chris Lehault 23 comments

A few great ciders to serve at your Thanksgiving celebration. More

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