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Big Mac Combos Reimagined as 'Five-Star Meals'

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 2 comments

Toronto-based magazine The Grid asked four local chefs to reimagine the Big Mac combo and "turn the most famous dish at McDonald's into a five-star meal" (à la Fancy Fast Food). Besides the combo's components—burger, fries, Coke, and condiments—chefs were only allowed to use oil and water, but with whatever kitchen equipment they had. More

Recipe of the Day: Honey Apple Glazed Christmas Holiday Ham(-burger)

A Hamburger Today Robyn Lee 1 comment

[Photograph: Fancy Fast Food] Grind up eight BK Quad Stackers, mold the resulting meat and filler into a ham shape, drape on some ham from Double Croissan'wiches, brush with glaze made from apple juice, honey mustard, and apple pie... More

Fancy Fast Food

Fast Food Grace Kang 12 comments

Fast food has been turned on its head by Fancy Fast Food, a blog that transforms items like the Popeye's chicken above into Spicy Chicken Sushi. There are detailed instructions for every dish so if you've ever been interested in turning a Taco Bell tortilla into tortellini, there's now a handy tutorial. If you have your own fancy fast food creations, you can submit them by e-mail as long as you stick to their rules: no additional ingredients other than a garnish, and no gratuitous post-processing in Photoshop. According to their Twitter feed, they were also just offered a book deal. As Fancy Fast Food says, "Why have it your way, when you can have it the fancy way?"... More

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