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Montreal Bagels: St-Viateur vs. Fairmount

"The two bageleries are only a few blocks apart so picking one doesn't usually involve convenience—it's about loyalties." [Photographs: Erin Zimmer] Montrealers have a lot of pride in the their bagels. Plus in a French accent, the word just sounds better: bay-gal. Depending on who you ask, "the best" are either from Fairmount or St-Viateur, both of which sell them fresh 24 hours a day. Before touching on the rivalry, let's define the Montreal bagel. What's All the Fuss? Compared to the New York-style bagel—a bulbous bread monster—these are smaller, less chewy, and sweeter, thanks to some honey or malt syrup. The bagels are hand-rolled then bathe in sweetened boiling water, and finally baked in a big wood-fired oven. Because... More

Historic Shuttle Mission Sends First Bagels into Space

"Lay in a course for Bagelgeuse, Mr. Data." Looks like they took bagels into space when the Space Shuttle Discovery launched last week. Montreal-born astronaut Greg Chamitoff insisted on bringing 18 sesame seed bagels into orbit with him. The bagels are from Fairmount Bagel in Montreal. 74 Fairmount West, Montreal QC H2T 2M2 (map); fairmountbagel.com [via The Big Picture]... More

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