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A Sandwich A Day: Porkstrami at Red Apron in Fairfax, VA

A Sandwich a Day Brian Oh 7 comments

The innards of the Porkstrami are pastrami-style pork, bacon, mustard aioli, and bacon-braised sauerkraut. With basically every ingredient a form of pork, besides the mustard, each bite is dripping with meaty, salty pork flavor. More

Fairfax, VA: Red Apron's Original Does Classic Right

A Hamburger Today Brian Oh 4 comments

Like all good burgers, Red Apron's Original doesn't waste effort or stomach space with superfluous flourishes. The burger is simple, familiar, and the better for it. More

Smashburger Comes to the D.C. Area

A Hamburger Today Brian Oh 1 comment

Earlier this month, Smashburger brought its signature clobbered burgers to the Washington, D.C. area with a location in Fairfax, Virginia, along with a special regional burger, The Capital Burger. More

A Sandwich a Day: Hot Sicilian at The Deli in Fairfax, VA

A Sandwich a Day Maggie Hoffman 8 comments

This strip-mall deli (next to the Kmart in Fairfax, Virginia) doesn't look like much, but the Hot Sicilian ($10 for an 8" sandwich, $13 for 12") is a sandwich worth seeking out. The meat is freshly sliced, and the bread just soft enough to make eating this monster sub easier. Topped with fistfuls of salty salami and coppa, fiery hot pickled peppers, and cooling provolone, the flavors mingle under a splash of oil and vinegar. More

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