'Evolution' on Serious Eats

We Try Evolution Fresh Juices from Starbucks

Starbucks tends to stay pretty close to home turf of coffee drinks and pastries. Sure, it makes the occasional foray into breakfast food, but half-caf lattes and mocha Frappuccinos have always been its bread and butter. So it's big news when Starbucks announces its intentions to get into fresh juice—launching the first Evolution Fresh juice bar in Bellevue, Washington this Monday. How are the juices? We decided to find out. More

Why Do People Cook?

The Economist takes a look into the evolutionary role of cooking with the help of anthropologist Dr. Richard Wrangham of Harvard University. Wrangham believes "that cooking and other forms of preparing food are humanity's 'killer app': the evolutionary change that underpins all of the other—and subsequent—changes that have made people such unusual animals."... More

Peanut Butter, Kryptonite to Atheists?

John Brownlee over at Wired's Table of Malcontents blog found a video of Creationist Chuck Missler using peanut butter to "disprove" evolution: Brownlee summarizes Missler's argument: "Evolution makes the claim that life is created from nonliving matter, pretty much by random chance. Therefore, chance dictates that every once in a while a gigantic peanut butter blob monster should spring from a recently opened jar of peanut butter and wreak havoc upon the supermarket. After all, a billion jars of peanut butter are produced every year: If evolution were true, certainly one of those jars would have evolved into a chunky peanut butter monster by now." (Myself, I'm considering becoming a Pastafarian, so who am I to say that our ancestors... More

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