'Evan Kleiman' on Serious Eats

Evan Kleiman Bakes a Pie A Day, For the Entire Summer

Pie: Every. Single. Day. If I were forced to choose between pie and cake for the rest of my life, I'd pick pie in an instant, no contest. With pie you can go sweet, you can go savory, you can have chocolate, or you can choose from a rainbow of fruit pies. Pie-making, with the rolling out of dough and tossing of the filing, is such a superior tactile experience to the scoop, sift, and stir hum-drum of making a cake. When my cousin got married, he and his wife chose to have a table full of pies and tubs of Straus ice cream instead of a big ol' wedding cake. I consider this a genius move, and way cooler... More

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