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In Videos: Estonian Chicken Kiev Commercial

I know I just posted an Estonian meat commercial yesterday, but I looked up more of director Harry Egipt's work and couldn't resist this commercial titled "Chicken Kiev." Because this isn't your typical Chicken Kiev—it's Chicken Kiev surrounded by young women dancing and sitting in a room of shiny, silver props who occasionally indulge in a forkful of chicken. I don't get it, but that's probably the appropriate reaction. Watch the commercial after the jump.... More

In Videos: Estonian Meat Commercial (1980s)

The Estonian meat industry of the 1980s entices you to indulge in bounteous quantities of ground chicken by chanting, "Kana, kana, kana, hakkliha" ("Chicken, chicken, chicken minced meat") alongside nightmare-inducing clips of ground chicken slowly flowing out of a meat grinder and women eating deep-fried ground chicken lumps. After the jump, prepare to have your salivary glands tingle with unease.... More

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