'Erin Zimmer's Summer Road Trip' on Serious Eats

Breakfast Tacos at Rosie’s Tamale House in Bee Cave, Texas

The thrill of eating tacos for breakfast is similar to that of eating waffles for dinner: slightly rebellious and definitely not to be allowed all the time, but a good way to change things up. At the roadside stand Rosie's Tamale House in Bee Cave, Texas (near Austin), floury tortillas wrap up cheesy eggs, bacon pieces and fluffy potato slices—that's the trademark breakfast taco order. More

Cooper's Historic Bar-B-Que Pit in Llano, Texas

A Texas native, Washington Post Food editor Joe Yonan told me that Llano is the home of real 'cue. As the backseat navigator on our road trip, I admittedly pointed us down a roundabout path instead of the more direct I-10W highway, to conveniently wind up in Llano at lunchtime. Cooper's Old-Time Pit Bar-B-Que is the town's landmark barbecue joint where an outdoor oak grill—the length of an SUV—slow-cooks pork chops, sausage, whole chickens, beef ribs, whole chicken, and of course, brisket. The closest thing I'd ever seen to a cowboy was in front of me in line, pointing to a rack of ribs, which a Cooper's grillmaster then sawed up and plopped onto a red plastic cafeteria-like tray.... More

Translating Chuck's Bar B Que Menu in Opelika, Alabama

En route to Montgomery, Alabama, Chuck's Bar B Que, sits off the highway in the nearby town of Opelika. On Saturday, the joint's CHIPPED sandwich is buy-one, get-one free. But only 22¢ more, the CHOPPED sandwich wasn't part of the promo. The difference? Besides a vowel? The cashier, sporting an Auburn University hat one Saturday a few weeks ago, had clearly never been asked this before. People just knew here. She acted like she was explaining a foreign language. More

Sweet Potatoes Kitchen in Savannah, Georgia

About five miles from "downtown" Savannah, Sweet Potatoes is an unpretentious gas station neighbor with "endearing food," as the restaurant likes to call it. They serve Southern fare with an eclectic, sometimes fruity Caribbean twist, and in honor of the namesake, a different sweet potato dish each day. As someone who loves the sweet orange spud, I was already giddy in the parking lot. More

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