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Burgers + Pizza = One Year 'Epic Meal Time' Birthday Cake

In celebration of their one year birthday, the fellas at Epic Meal Time have upped the ante in a tribute video to the original Fast Food Pizza video that started it all. 35 White Castle, 3 bacon weaves, 4 Domino's Meat Lovers pies, sauce, lots of cheese, all beer battered and fried. A year recap kicks off the video and the pizza and burger madness starts at around the 4 minute mark. So what did they do with the extra 145 burgers? More

Video: The Epic Stockyard Burger Featuring Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Bone Marrow-Stuffed Patties on 'Epic Meal Time'

I know it's been too long since I've seen an Epic Meal Time video because I was surprised that they made a double-decker burger made of bone marrow-stuffed patties topped with bacon strip, cheese, and pulled pork in between three jalapeƱo grilled cheese sandwich "buns"....coated in onion ring batter and deep fried...then smothered in Jack Daniels sausage gravy. The resulting burger tower looks like a bubbling tumor malformed by an acid bath. Yup, that sounds Epic enough. More

Video: Meatball Deathstar from Epic Meal Time

What elevates a meatball to "Deathstar" status? Ah, you just take ground beef, pork, and veal, stuff it with tortellini mixed with meat sauce and cheese, plop it on half a loaf of garlic butter-soaked bread, top it with more meat sauce and cheese, pop it in the oven, aaaand...yeah, that's a Meatball Deathstar. More

Video: Breakfast of Booze from Epic Meal Time

Basket made of woven bacon strips? Okay, seen it. Deep fried beer-battered cream cheese, sausage, and jalapeno-stuffed pancakes? ...Uh, what? Bacon and cream cheese-stuffed French toast dumplings? Double what? And the list goes on. Don't forget about the Jack Daniels syrup. If you thought the TurBaconEpic was epic, check out the latest video from Epic Meal Time featuring a breakfast you can get drunk off of. More

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