'Elyse Sewell' on Serious Eats

Former 'Next Top Model' Elyse Sewell Eats Dog Stew in Seoul

elysesewell.livejournal.com Elyse Sewell, the third-place winner from the first season of America's Next Top Model, is now modeling in Seoul, South Korea, where she keeps an entertaining, well-written blog that often has entries on her food adventures. Her readers recently dared her to try bosintang. That would be dog soup. She met them head on: I was expecting the dog meat to be indistinguishable from beef or pork. It wasn't: this stuff was decidedly doggy, like, it had a sort of dogfur aroma and flavor to it. The soup also had a lot of green onions and those unidentifiable stringy greens that are also pictured in a bowl alongside. That big bowl of black pepper contained twice the quantity... More

In Videos: Elyse Sewell Eating Live Octopus in Seoul

Since the title of this video by American fashion model (and hilarious food writer on the side) Elyse Sewell is simple "Seoul Food," I expected to just see clips of various unthreatening food stuffs she came across while modeling in Seoul, South Korea. But half of the video is actually close-ups of the Korean dish, live octopus tentacles, and footage of her unflinchingly slurping down the wriggling tentacles as though it were merely spaghetti. Impressive. I'd like to believe I'm willing to eat anything once, but I draw the line at food that's still vigorously moving. Watch the squirming octopus bits, after the jump. (Unless you're squeamish, in which case you may safely watch the first half of the... More

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