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Elizabeth Karmel's Grilling Tips

"The reason I fell in love with outdoor cooking is that it is the best way to prepare food, bar none. And, you aren't limited by what you can cook or the flavors you use—'If you eat it, you can grill it!' is my motto and I cook and eat by that motto." This week's grilling tips come from a woman who is not afraid of a little smoke, fire, and meat: Elizabeth Karmel. The executive chef at New York barbecue joint Hill Country, Karmel is also the owner of the Grill Friend, a line of grilling products. Additionally, Karmel wrote the popular cookbook Taming the Flame and, most recently, Soaked, Slathered, and Seasoned. "If Taming the Flame was my... More

Cook the Book: Fire-Roasted Succotash

One of the many things I like about Taming the Flame is that Elizabeth Karmel provides us with lots of easy-to-prepare grilled vegetable dishes. Here's her ingenious take on Fire-Roasted Succotash. Karmel says, "If you are phobic about lima beans, substitute edamame (fresh soybeans) for a new-age succotash."... More

Cook the Book: The Original Beer-Can Chicken

Photograph from digitalprimate on Flickr Beer-Can Chicken has probably been around ever since folks started sitting around campfires or grills drinking beer, so Elizabeth Karmel wisely takes absolutely no credit for its invention. But she's also smart enough to recognize a winning recipe when she sees one. She has two versions in her book Taming the Flame, but I prefer the one with the simple salt-and-pepper spice mix. You won't believe how moist and flavorful the chicken meat gets using this method. Karmel also gives a recipe for beer-can turkey in her book, which you can win here.... More

Cook the Book: Getting That Steakhouse Crust

Ever try to get that great caramel-ly, buttery, steakhouse crust on your home grill? I've never been able to do it until I read Elizabeth Karmel's ingenious method for doing so. The key is following her instructions precisely and exactly. And remember, we're giving away five (5) copies of Taming the Flame. Enter to win here. "There are a lot of spice rub products on the market that promise to give a grilled steak that steakhouse crust, but I have never had any luck with them. I've found that the best way to mimic that steakhouse crust at home is to follow these steps." 1. While the steak is grilling, move your oven rack to the highest position and... More

Cook the Book: Taming the Flame

It's July 4th week, so we figured it's only right that the Cook The Book should revolve around grilling and picnics, since that's what most folks are going to end up doing at some point in the next few days. Taming the Flame, by Elizabeth Karmel, has tons of useful information and tips about grilling as well as some terrific recipes, and we are going to share both in the coming week. Elizabeth introduced girl power to the grilling set when she created Girls at the Grill. And yes, we're going to be giving away five copies of Elizabeth's book, so that the lucky winners will have the book in hand by Labor Day, in time for their next... More

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