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Krescendo: Is Elizabeth Falkner's Pizzeria Worth a Trip on the A Train?

Slice The Serious Eats Team 19 comments

Hype is a devious creature. Great press can work wonders in the restaurant business; it can also build expectations fundamentally disproportionate to reality. Such was the case with our recent excursion to Krescendo. Maybe it was chef Elizabeth Falkner's exceptional reputation, or the excitement generated by Pete Wells's recent two star review in The New York Times. Regardless, we walked in hoping for transcendent pizza. What we found was a good neighborhood Neapolitan joint. No more, no less. More

Bay Area Pizza Partnership to Land in Brooklyn

Slice Meredith Smith 3 comments

A Tony's Pizza Napoletana pedigree pie may soon be in Brooklyn. [Photograph: L.A. Pizza Maven] News comes from the San Francisco Chronicle that Brooklyn will be getting a new pizza place featuring Sicilian-style pies, pasta, and a pronounced cocktail program. The San Francisco dream team that is relocating East to realize the project consists of Elizabeth Falkner, who recently closed Citizen Cake and Orson, Bourbon & Branch bartender Darren Crawford, and Tony's Pizza Napoletana partner and operations director, Nancy Puglisi. Tony Gemignani will also be involved as a consultant.... More

Elizabeth Falkner vs. Johnny Iuzzini Cupcake Battle

Sweets Liz Gutman 5 comments

Pastry chefs Elizabeth Falkner of Citizen Cake and Johnny Iuzzini of the Jean-Georges restaurant group recently battled in a cupcake-off at the Astor Center in Manhattan. So what cupcakes did they make? Both involved chocolate, but the similarities pretty much ended there. Falkner did a Chocolate Pub Cake with stout beer in the batter and an easy-to-whip-up fudge frosting (here's the recipe!) and Iuzzini did a chocolate-beet cake (mmm, you really have to make this) with raspberries. More

Elizabeth Falkner's Dark Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Serious Eats Liz Gutman 5 comments

This is pastry chef Elizabeth Falkner's recipe. It's bar-none the quickest, easiest, fudgiest frosting I've ever come across. Just make sure you get sweetened condensed milk, NOT evaporated (I've made that mistake plenty of times myself). This recipe makes enough... More

'Top Chef Masters,' Episode 2: The 'Lost' Dinner

Adam Kuban 35 comments

Did you watch this week's episode? Find out what each of the four contestants made using crap from vending machines during the Quickfire, and Darma Initiative–approved canned and preserved foods for Lost writers and producers during an island-themed elimination round. More

Same-Sex Weddings Lead to Same-Sex Wedding Cakes

Erin Zimmer 7 comments

Photograph from Sundogg on Flickr. What kind of wedding cake did the first Supreme Court-approved same-sex couple exchanging wedding vows in San Francisco enjoy earlier this week? A three-layer genoise sponge cake with black pepper-crème fraiche mousse, strawberries, raspberries and rosebud cream, garnished with multicolored Mt. Rainier cherries and wildflowers. Bay Area chef Elizabeth Falkner, author of Demolition Desserts, was behind the "Love Letter Cake," eaten on Monday after Mayor Gavin Newsome completed the union. Falkner admitted that cake sales at her restaurant and patisserie Citizen Cake, as well as wedding reception bookings at her other spot Orson, have already shot up now that California residents are able to engage in same-sex unions. Politics aside, bakery owners should consider placing... More

Cookbook Review: 'Demolition Desserts'

Jenn Smith 3 comments

Elizabeth Falkner is an inventive pastry chef and Caremi is her manga-inspired illustrated alter ego. Together they narrate Demolition Desserts, a look at some of the favorite creations to come out of Citizen Cake, Elizabeth's pastry-centric restaurant in San Francisco. Demolition Desserts is an exciting cookbook, as are Falkner's high concept creations. Most have multiple elements: ice cream, shards of sugar glass, sauces, cakes. They have evocative names like "Suddenly Last Summer" (peaches sauteed in wine and honey, walnut-thyme streusel, sweet cream reduction, olive oil filo crisps) and "Gingerbread Bauhaus" (chipotle gingerbread, pear sorbet, pomegranate gel, royal icing shards). Traditional favorites are deconstructed and become novel, as in her spin on New York cheesecake, here called "Waking Up In A... More

Gingerbread Bauhaus, Minimalist Version (Chipotle Gingerbread)

Serious Eats Jenn Smith Post a comment

Recipe adapted from Elizabeth Falkner's Demolition Desserts: Recipes from Citizen Cake Read our review »... More

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