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Koshary: Feeding a Revolution in Cairo

Liberation requires massive amounts of strength. Without discounting the passion that alone has fueled millions into a weeks-long protest, it is clear that Egyptians also rely on another direct source of energy. And that is a deceptively simple comfort food: koshary, the legendary dish that every Egyptian can both wax poetic on and furiously debate the merits of. More

Sweet Juice Is Bittersweet in Egypt

I've only had sugar cane juice in Vietnamese grocery stores in New York, but it didn't mean much to me when I drank it. In Cairo, the Sons of Saad Afifi shop sells an elixir that resonates deeply with Egyptians. Photograph from Leedya on Flickr... More

Sourdough Starters

Carl T. Griffith gave his 1847 Oregon Trail sourdough starter away for free to anyone who asked or sent a self-addressed stamped envelope; he passed away in 2000 but his friends are keeping the tradition (and the sourdough starter) alive. If for some reason you'd like your sourdough starter younger or slightly more international, this site will sell you cultures from twelve different countries from Finland ("The wonderful and distinctive flavor and aroma it imparts are truly "indescribable".) to Egypt ("The bakery where this sourdough was found dated straight back to antiquity and was literally in the shadow of the pyramids. This culture could be the progeny of the one that made man's first bread and is similar to the... More

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