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The End of Apples

Brian Halweil of Edible Communities and editor of Edible East End checks in with word on the last apples of the season. It's like the fateful proclamation of a cynical high school guidance counselor: You are one type of person or you are another. At least when it comes to apples. According to Amy Halsey of the Milk Pail Farm and Orchard on Highway 27 in Water Mill, New York, customers either want their apples crisp and don't care whether they are sweet or tart—or they are willing to forgo texture in favor of their favorite flavor. I think I'm the crisp apple eater, since when I look back on all my happy apple memories, they have less to do... More

The Hamptons: A Winter Crop of Prix Fixes

Brian Halweil of Edible Communities and editor of Edible East End checks with a laundry list of prix fixe deals on the East End of New York's Long Island. It’s an incontrovertible fact. Dining out in the Hamptons is expensive. Friends in the restaurant business tell me it’s got something to do with the seasonal market, the challenge of finding and housing year-round staff, exorbitant real estate prices, and excessive permitting requirements. You’d think the proximity to impeccable produce and seafood would help counteract this, but it doesn’t. The summer folks don’t balk at paying the prices, but the locals sometimes wonder if they deserve a deal. We’re not all realtors collecting commissions on South of the Highway McMansion flips.... More

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