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Apps Only: Ed's Lobster Bar

Editor's note: Please welcome longtime SE reader and brand-new contributor Ben Fishner—also known to Serious Eaters as FozzieBayer. He'll be joining us each week with "Apps Only," eating his way through New York's appetizer, bar, and lounge menus as your... More

Ed McFarland Holds a Press Conference: Life Goes On

I visited both Ed's Lobster Bar and Pearl Oyster Bar yesterday, in search of a glimmer of sanity and truth in what is obviously a sea of resentment and betrayal. I found out that, yes, Ed's uses the same toilet paper as Pearl. And that he makes a good lobster roll with thicker french fries than Pearl's. And that, yes, his Caesar salad does have English muffin croutons, just like Pearl's. And that Pearl's fried oyster roll is so deliciously crunchy, crisp, and briny I could have it every day for lunch. But I also found a beleaguered Ed McFarland, in way over his head as he tries to make sense of all this. McFarland held a press conference... More

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