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Eating for Two: Raspberry Leaf Tea

Yogi Tea One of the things I was most surprised to discover when I began reading about food and pregnancy was that not all herbal teas and infusions are safe for women who are expecting. Despite the evidence that many herbs have been known for millennia to affect human functioning for better or for worse, I vaguely believed that mind would triumph over matter when it came to anything I consumed in reasonable quantities—especially anything as anodyne as chamomile tea. After all, my coffee habit led me to drink five cups some days and allowed me to go without on others. No hot beverage was my master. Then I decided to give up caffeine for at least the first trimester.... More

Eating for Two: Iodized Salt

©iStockphoto.com/Cardston I thought I was past the part of my pregnancy where I worry about what to eat and onto the part where I worry about what we’re going to do with the kid when she’s out and about. But I just managed to find another source of concern, one I could have allayed easily enough at the beginning: most pregnant women should use iodized salt for cooking and seasoning, and I don’t. The vast majority Americans are using iodized salt without even thinking about it. We began adding iodine to much of our salt in the 1920s, after the draft during World War I revealed the extent to which hypothyroidism, a result of iodine deficiency, plagued the population. Thanks... More

Eating for Two: Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve already decided what I want to take to the hospital to share with nurses and visitors: the whole wheat chocolate chip cookies I made for myself a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I can’t make them again right away for myself; I ate so many I tipped the scales at the doctor’s office, inspiring a mini-lecture about nutrition, and I’m afraid I can’t trust myself to ration them out sensibly. More

Eating for Two: Whole-Wheat Pizza Crust

I remembered Patricia Wells’s whole-wheat pizza crust and resolved to bring it back into the rotation, topped with whatever I bring home from the Greenmarket and can’t figure out how to use. This is a thin, delicate crust: it doesn’t do well with pools of tomato sauce and gobs of cheese but is a nice match for sautéed vegetables with just a sprinkling of cheese, or herbs, or tomato rounds, when those come along. More

Eating for Two: Recipe for a Boy or Girl

Eat more breakfast and you could have a boy! Last week news outlets from here to Islamabad announced the release of a study purporting to show that women with higher caloric intake and better nutrition at the time of conception are more likely to have boys than girls. Although it’s the father’s sperm that determines the sex of an embryo, the mother’s body can be more or less well suited to that embryo’s thriving. Goodness knows I’m no scientist, but I’m fairly skeptical about these conclusions. The amount of extra calories that encouraged male embryos seemed rather small, maybe just a few hundred. Perhaps because my own daily caloric intake can swing a few hundred up or down based on... More

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